Artists and exhibitions

We host exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing work from artists who are from nearby, or slightly further afield. Check below to keep updated on our latest exhibition, and to find information about previous exhibitions.

A Street of Angels

13th April - 31st May

Art by Ronnie Cruwys: Inspired by the angels on the streets of her childhood - a unique collection of iconic images and the contemporary streets of York.

Ronnie says: “Welcome to Blossom Street Gallery - your street of angels. I am delighted to be able to show some of my work here in a place so close to where I grew up. I have drawn a few of the streets near Blossom Street Gallery which reflect some of the places which I knew best and used to cycle past. It is just a small example of the architecture found in York but which may be overlooked in favour of the more ancient streets in the city centre... Archangel Michael is part of this street and I understand that where there is one angel, there is another close by.”


Our current collections

We are currently exhibiting a range of work from Luisa Holden, Janis Goodman, George Bryant and Nikki Hampson.


Previous exhibitions

Art as Author

3rd - 31st March

An exhibition inspired by the written word featuring the work of illustrator Emily Sutton, and textiles by Fran Brammer. 

The Disparate 5

1st July - 30th August 2017

Showcasing the work of Jane Schaffer, Mark Azopardi, Niki Hampson, Judith Pollock and Martin Pearson.

Textile Art

1st Feb - 25th March 2017

Beautiful textile work from Fran Brammer, Carol Coleman, Amy Hauschild, Bridget Bernadette Karn, Cathy Needham, Lynda Withers, and Zoë Zegzula.

Frans Wesselman & David England

Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

Watercolours, woodcuts, etchings and stained glass by Frans Wesselman, and figurative stone carvings by David England.

Land and Sea

1st May - 30th June 2017

Land and Sea in Paint & Collage: Featuring work by Ann Mills and Hilary Holroyd.



1st - 31st January 2017

Our Treasures from the Artists' Studio featured work from 9 artists, and included sculpture, prints, paintings and more.


Seashores & Riverbanks

1st Sep - 30th Oct 2017

Featuring the collages and paintings of Judy Burnett.

Printmakers & Paper Art

1st March - 30th April 2017

Throughout March and April we had a selection of work from some of the York Printmakers, as well as original papercuts by Anna Cook.

YOLA at Yuletide

1st - 24th December 2016

Showcasing work by Romey Brough, Sue Clayton, Carol Coleman, Jean Larcum, and Chris Rymer.

York Printmakers Launch

3rd - 31st October 2016

The exhibition included a wide range of prints from 23 of the Printmakers.


Summer Exhibition

2nd - 30th August 2016

Showcasing the inspiring new work of three recognized local artists, David Patrick, Peter Donohue and Charmian Ottaway.

Landscape & Fired Earth

2nd - 30th July 2016

Paintings by Frank Gordon. Ceramics by Juliet Blackman and Paul Muchan.

Art 4 Fred

1st June - 29th June 2016

Art by Angela Bell, Geoff Hewitt, and Heather Burton.

Frans Wesselman, Swimmer II, woodcut, 42x49 cm. ú300 - Copy.jpg

Frans Wesselman

2nd - 28th May 2016

We showcased Frans’ work in oils, woodcuts, etchings and stained glass.

Sand and Water.png

Sand & Water

3rd - 29th November 2016

Atmospheric Paintings inspired by Poetry and the Landscape by Leslie Birch.

Field Lane.Fran Brammer (1).JPG

Textile Exhibitions


Work by Fran Brammer.