Artists and exhibitions

We host exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing work from artists who are from nearby, or slightly further afield. Check below to keep updated on our latest exhibition, and to find information about previous exhibitions.

An exhibition of local art

The exhibition will run between the 1st March until the 31st May.
In anticipation of the annual York Open Studios festival, we are delighted to welcome local artists to the Gallery; David Patrick, and Alan Coates.

David Patrick lives and works in York and many of his drawings and paintings are York and Yorkshire based. He is largely inspired by landscape and townscape observations -developing the aspects which resonate with him: “I try to discover and present aspects of the landscape - city and country, ancient and modern, built or not - that convey a sense of place, aspects that often go unseen but become apparent if one has time to observe, to look closely.” David uses a mix of media, but primarily ink, charcoal and watercolour.

Alan has a small studio not far from the Gallery, where he etches and prints his work. Most of the work is figurative, often adapted from old and anonymous photographs: “I like to think that the prints allow these forgotten people to have a continuing presence in the present. Artists that inspire me include Frans Masereel, Julian Trevelyan and Anthony Gross.”


Our current collections

We are currently exhibiting a range of work from Ruth Holly, Jane Dignum, Luisa Holden, Janis Goodman, Peter Schoenecker, David Haldane, Sarah Hall Baqai, Tinayre, Kathy Mutch, Elise Bikker, Frans Wesselman, Simon Cooperillo, Jos Haigh, Anna Cook and Anna Pugh.


We are also showing a permanent (but rotating) collection of fabulous automata - stop by to see these magnificent feats of engineering at work!


Previous exhibitions


La Nebbia

1st - 28th February

Venice themed photography series by Nicola Lee

Marvellous, Magical, Mechanial Art

3rd Nov - Feb 2019

An exhibition of beautifully-crafted moving sculptures

Paintings, Reliefs & Sculptural Ceramics

3rd August - 14th September

An exhibition by Tim Pearce