Due to a large workload we will be unable to take any further bespoke framing orders for the moment, apologies for any inconvenience. Ready-frames are still available in a range of styles and sizes!

We offer bespoke framing services on-site in our York gallery. Each framing project is different, and we will take the time to discuss all available options with you and help you to find the best fit for your project. Our specialist framers will handcraft your project to meet your needs, and to the framing standards of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Get in contact to let us know what you’re looking for, we’re on hand to advise you and recommend the best options for your project.


Framing isn’t just for pictures…

In the past we’ve framed medals, a boomerang, a shark jaw, a rugby ball, boxing gloves, clothing, jewellery, tapestries, dried flowers, fossils, veils, and a ceramic poppy from the Tower of London!

We enjoy a challenge, so feel free to call in with whatever you would like to have framed.


We are happy to discuss all framing options with you and provide quotes for your specific project. Send us a message on our contact page and somebody will be in touch to let you know what options are available.   

Want to find out more?

Frames & mouldings
Levels of
Repairs & reframing
Ready-frame service

Our mouldings come in a wide variety of styles, materials and colours. We are always happy to source mouldings that we don’t have in the gallery - just ask!

You can also choose from a range of Bare Wood mouldings - in Ash, Cherry, Maple and more - and we can finish it with handwax, or paint it to complement your home decor.

If you are looking for something a bit different, we also use Box Frames for creating Shadow Boxes, or Tray Frames which do not require glass and are best paired with artworks on canvas or board.

Mountboards are used to support, protect and frame prints, photographs and artwork when they are framed. Correctly chosen and fitted, a mount can perfectly complement your image whilst also keeping it away from the glass, to preserve it. We have a huge range of colours available, and always use conservation level materials to ensure good quality. Mountboards can also vary by thickness, have multiple apertures, and are cut by hand to the correct size for your picture.

As well as the most well-known technique - window mounting - we also offer double mounting, float mounting, and shadow mounting.

Choose from: 2mm Clear Glass, Chemically Etched Non-Reflective Glass, UV Protection Glass, which blocks 98% of rays; Reflection Control Glass; and Museum Glass. Alternatively, we offer acrylic art screen which is just as clear, but is lightweight, strong and doesn’t break.

If you’re unsure where to start, we can advise you on the best fit for your needs.

All of our frames and mounts are produced to archival standards set out by the Fine-Art trade guild. This means that we only use archival grade materials and you can be sure that your prints will not be damaged in anyway. All of our processes can be fully reversed by a skilled framer.

As a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, we are always sure to meet the rigorous standards which they lay out. We are happy to frame your art to any of these specifications, there are Five Levels of Framing to choose from:

Museum - The ultimate protection for your artwork
Conservation - Helping preserve your artwork for future generations
Commended- Guarantees a degree of protection, with design playing an important part
Budget - Visually pleasing, but offering no long-term protection
Minimum - Putting economy first

Feel free to bring along any items which need repairing. We can re-glaze, re-string, re-mount or reframe. We always endeavour to use as many of your original components as possible, to keep costs down.

We also offer a bespoke ready-frame service for when economy comes first. We will provide a frame package consisting of: a custom made frame, glass, backing, and hangers with flexible staples so that you can fit your picture yourself.