Previous exhibitions

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Textile Exhibitions


Inspiring textile work by Fran Brammer.

Art 4 Fred

1st June - 29th June 2016

Featuring a range of art by Angela Bell, Geoff Hewitt, and Heather Burton.

York Printmakers Launch

3rd - 31st October 2016

The exhibition included a wide range of prints from 23 of the Printmakers.

Textile Art

1st Feb - 25th March 2017

Fran Brammer, Carol Coleman, Amy Hauschild, Bridget Bernadette Karn, Cathy Needham, Lynda Withers, and Zoë Zegzula.

Land and Sea

1st May - 30th June 2017

Land and Sea in Paint & Collage: Featuring work by Ann Mills and Hilary Holroyd.

Art as Author

3rd - 31st March

An exhibition inspired by the written word featuring work by Emily Sutton and Fran Brammer.


Castles and a Cathedral

2nd - 31st July

Landscape drawings of Yorkshire and Northumberland by Julia Odell.

Sand and Water.png

Sand & Water

3rd - 29th November 2016

Atmospheric Paintings inspired by Poetry and the Landscape by Leslie Birch.

Landscape & Fired Earth

2nd - 30th July 2016

Paintings by Frank Gordon. Ceramics by Juliet Blackman and Paul Muchan

YOLA at Yuletide

1st - 24th December 2016

Showcasing work by Romey Brough, Sue Clayton, Carol Coleman, Jean Larcum, and Chris Rymer.

Printmakers & Paper Art

1st March - 30th April 2017

A selection of work from some of the York Printmakers, as well as original papercuts by Anna Cook.

The Disparate 5

1st July - 30th August 2017

Jane Schaffer, Mark Azopardi, Niki Hampson, Judith Pollock and Martin Pearson.


A Street of Angels

13th April - 31st May

Art by Ronnie Cruwys: Inspired by the angels on the streets of her childhood.


Paintings, Reliefs & Sculptural Ceramics

3rd August - 14th September

An exhibition by Tim Pearce

Frans Wesselman, Swimmer II, woodcut, 42x49 cm. ú300 - Copy.jpg

Frans Wesselman

2nd - 28th May 2016

We showcased Frans’ work in oils, woodcuts, etchings and stained glass.

Summer Exhibition

2nd - 30th August 2016

Showcasing new work by David Patrick, Peter Donohue and Charmian Ottaway.


1st - 31st January 2017

Our Treasures from the Artists' Studio featured sculpture, prints & paintings from 9 artists.


Seashores & Riverbanks

1st Sep - 30th Oct 2017

Featuring the collages and paintings of Judy Burnett.

Wesselman & England

Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

Featuring the work of Frans Wesselman and David England.


Flights of Fancy

2nd - 30th June

The wonderful worlds of printmakers Janis Goodman & Victoria Keeble.

Mallard's Flight Over The Moor.jpg

Marvellous, Magical, Mechanical Art

3rd Nov - Feb 2019

An exhibition of beautifully-crafted moving sculptures