Rainbow rooftops

5 rainbow rooftops-u39865.jpg
5 rainbow rooftops-u39865.jpg

Rainbow rooftops

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Artist: Hannah Sawtell
Medium:  Limited edition print (run of 200)
Image dimensions approx (WxH): Various

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About the artist

"I have always loved to draw. But a lightbulb moment happened when driving along my local high street, observing the vibrancy and activity of a community -shoppers and parents getting from one point to another; pathways crossing and intersecting, given context when placed against recognisable shops and schools. I realised that this passing of daily life is something that many people can identify with. Through my illustrations, I try to capture elements of such moments. I use a variety of media to produce mixed media limited edition illustrations, adding colour sparingly so that the line of the pen and the white space surrounding it remains intact."

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